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Designing a dairy facility encompasses much more than just completing a design layout of the proposed facility and providing a set of plans to the Owner and general contractor.  Currently, designers are not working hand-in-hand with the owners and general contractors to ensure the design needs of the project are met.  Designers are simply providing a set of “plans” that amount to little more than lines on paper.  The owner is left with a hefty design bill, the general contractor is given nothing more than a basic facility layout, and the designer is on to the next job without following through on their work.  At Global Dairy Solutions, we feel that this industry standard practice is unacceptable!

After multiple trips around the world to consult on projects that were stricken with serious design flaws and the designers refusing to admit their mistakes or work with owners to solve design problems, we have decided to take our winning approach that has been successful in large U.S. dairies to the international market.  When our design expertise is requested, we partner with the owner, from site selection and survey to concept and design, through the completion of construction and into milking operations.  There is a reason some design firms only work very little in the United States…it is because their work is unacceptable here, and our international friends shouldn’t have to settle for inferior design and construction plans.

Enviro-Ag Engineering (EAE) is a managing member of GDS and they are integral part of the GDS Team.  They have two decades worth of experience designing state-of-the-art dairies, including some of the largest facilities in the United States.  EAE has built a solid reputation in the United States by consistently exceeding the demands of their clients and they bring their excellence to GDS, making us a true full solution design and engineering firm.

When you chose to partner with GDS, you get the very best in design and engineering to guarantee your needs are met.

  • Site Selection
  • Site Survey
  • Conceptual Design Development
  • Final Dairy Design and Engineered Construction Plans
  • Grading Plans
  • Selection of local Electrical, Structural, and Mechanical Engineers
  • Wastewater Management Plans
  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Employee Housing
  • Change Orders
  • Post-Construction Assessments

Construction contractors that provide the highest level of quality and expertise in commercial construction can be found worldwide; however, the same contractors do not have the experience or expertise required to build a dairy facility that operates at peak performance on day one of production.  All too often, owners must deal with problems at the completion of construction that costs significant amounts of time and money in order to have their facility operate at as designed.

The current design firms that are recognized as THE designers for dairy facilities continually omit critical information in their design plans, as evidenced by consulting expertise that GDS members have provided globally to correct design deficiencies.  The consistent lack of necessary detail in engineered construction plans and failure to maintain any post-design communication with Owners and general contractors has caused major issues throughout the globe in newly constructed dairy facilities.  The contractors, who often have little, if any experience building dairy farms are left to make important design decisions on the ground because of the disconnect between the design firm and their poorly designed plans, which fail to include essential information needed by the construction contractors.  Newly constructed dairies often cannot operate efficiently due to these design flaws.  Such design flaws have lead to inaccuracies in construction, including errors that have been so egregious that wastewater and manure cannot be managed unless time consuming and costly redesign, tear-out, and new construction takes place.

Global Dairy Solutions (GDS) is the ONLY firm in the world to provide both design and construction management in new dairy construction as well as remodeling or retrofitting existing dairy facilities.  GDS’s design team and construction management team form one GDS Team to provide the highest level of dairy design-construct expertise in the world.


Design Done Right

Enviro-Ag Engineering (EAE) is a Managing Member of the GDS Team.  They have been providing the dairy industry market with dependable and quality backed design, construction management, and environmental compliance services since 1993, encompassing preliminary and final design and construction management services for the evolving dairy industry.  During that time, EAE has designed and obtained regulatory permit approval for over 150 successful dairy project deliveries for clients such as Faria Brothers, High Plains Dairy, Spandet Dairy, Plymouth Dairy Farm, Natural Prairie Organic and Riverview Farms, just to name a few.

EAE has an experienced engineering and design team that is unparalleled in dairy design.   The success achieved by EAE is due to:

EAE’s success strategy is simple: focus on valuable goals aimed at maintaining our greatest asset, our clients. EAE is the most capable firm available when it comes to performance.  While most dairy design firms provide simple dairy layouts that amount to little more than lines on paper (plans lacking the finite details necessary for construction contractors), EAE provides accessibility and consulting throughout the entirety of the project, from concept to permitting to facility certifications and environmental compliance monitoring.  EAE’s ability to work closely with the Owner for the duration of the project ensures concise and complete plans as well as timely turn-around on change orders.

When Global Dairy Solutions was an idea formed and drawn out on a napkin, it was known that the design team had to be the absolute best design and engineering firm in the industry, Enviro-Ag Engineering was the only choice and GDS is proud to have EAE as a team member and partner.